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Jan 25 2011

TS Morgan Bailey Pleasuring Herself At Her Hotel!

How would you like to be standing in this hotel room with TS Morgan Bailey stretched out in front of you ready to start pleasuring herself? Yeah, I didn’t think I was alone with that wish… Luckily, for those of us who can’t be fortunate enough to be in the same room as this sexy [...]

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Jan 11 2011

Morgan Bailey Has Come Celebratory Fun With Ashley George!

OK, so I’m not really sure what these two Shemale Pornstars are celebrating exactly, but it sure does look like fun, right? I could be wrong, but it looks like TS Morgan Bailey may have a little soft spot for Ashley George if you look at the twinkle in her eye in this first picture… [...]

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Nov 16 2010

Shemale Pornstar Morgan Bailey In Clothes…Sorta!

OK, I think this is the most clothes that I’ve seen Morgan Bailey wearing for sets on her Official Site in quite some time. Not that I’m complaining of course… just pointing out that TS Morgan Bailey seems to have an aversion to wearing clothes, especially when she’s out under the sun! I suppose that [...]

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Oct 19 2010

Come Get Some Wood From Shemale Superstar Morgan Bailey!

I’ve been concentrating so much on covering Morgan Bailey’s appearances for her DVD release parties that I fear I haven’t been giving her site enough coverage. Morgan Bailey has been doing some really excellent work recently on her site with some creative and beautiful sets. These pictures are from one of my favorite sets with [...]

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Sep 09 2010

Morgan Bailey Stars In Transsexual Babysitters: Volume 12!

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Morgan Bailey has a starring role in the new DVD release from Devil’s Film, Transsexual Babysitters: Volume 12! The cover from this new DVD went to TS Paris but there are three other awesome Shemale Pornstars featured in this DVD, Morgan Bailey, Domino Presley, and TS Jesse. That’s one All-Star lineup if you ask me! [...]

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Sep 02 2010

TS Morgan Bailey Does Some Throat Stuffing On TS Seduction!

I just love how each scene on TS Seduction begins with smiles on both the guy and the girl. In this scene, we find TS Morgan Bailey happily smiling next to Vennue as they prepare for their scene. It’s so disarming to see them standing next to each other sharing a rather romantic pose and [...]

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Aug 19 2010

TS Morgan Bailey Tries To Relax In The Tub!

I think that TS Morgan Bailey might have a little bit of ‘kitty cat’ in her because she sure doesn’t spend much time relaxing in this tub full of warm water before jumping out and perching on the rim instead! You’d think with all the recently activity Morgan Bailey has been through between shooting content [...]

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Aug 17 2010

TS Morgan Bailey Slings Some Drinks At Blue Moon Nights!

So, a little bit of a retraction today… at the recent Blue Moon Nights Party, Morgan Bailey was not shaking that ass of hers on the dance floor… because she was way too busy slinging drinks behind the bar instead! That’s right folks, if you were at the party, you could get a drink hand-mixed [...]

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Aug 11 2010

Morgan Bailey This Thursday At Blue Moon Nights!

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TS Morgan Bailey will be shaking her ass this Thursday at Blue Moon Nights so come on by and bring a fistful of dollar bills (20′s even better!) to show your appreciation for those long legs of hers! She’ll be joined by the uber-hot Domino Presley, cute Celeste, and beautiful TS Paris as well. This [...]

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Jul 27 2010

A Fun And Quirky Shoot With TS Morgan Bailey!

You probably already know that TS Morgan Bailey has a playful side and here are a few pictures from one of her more colorful shoots. There are so many colors in this shoot it’s no wonder that Morgan Bailey is sporting those fancy sunglasses. I’ve always wondered where in the world one picks up those [...]

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