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Mar 08 2012

Shemale Pornstar Morgan Bailey Goes Blonde For Tranny Box!

I don’t know how in the world I missed this gallery of Shemale Pornstar Morgan Bailey at Tranny Box. I’ve probably been so used to seeing her with those long, brunette tresses of hers that I just assumed this was another girl with her blond hair… But just check out Morgan Bailey here in blond [...]

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Jul 05 2011

Pop Your Cherry With Shemale Pornstar Morgan Bailey!

I was trying to round up some red, white, and blue pictures in honor of this past 4th of July featuring Morgan Bailey, but I didn’t come up with much. But, I thought these sexy pictures of her sporting at least some red and white would be plenty to set off some fireworks in your [...]

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May 12 2011

Shemale Pornstar Morgan Bailey Puts Her Cock On The Line!

I think we’ve demonstrated before here on Morgan Bailey’s Fan Blog, that she is no stranger to piercing her body but don’t you think this is taking things a little too far, even for her? Don’t try this at home folks… Morgan Bailey is a professional… I just hope there is a medical team somewhere [...]

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Apr 28 2011

Smoking And Piercing With TS Morgan Bailey!

You know, if you asked me to name who I would consider the ‘Bad Girl’ of Shemale porn, I don’t know if I could come up with a clear answer. I do know that Morgan Bailey would probably be a strong contender for the title though, although, I’ve heard that she’s actually a real sweetheart [...]

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Feb 22 2011

Morgan Bailey At Play With Jasmine Jewels And Carmen Moore!

I always love it when the girls of the SMC Network of Solo Sites get together for some fun with each other, and this is a trio that I don’t think I’ve ever seen together in one scene before. The lovely Morgan Bailey and Jasmine Jewels look like they’re about to eat up the relative [...]

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Feb 01 2011

Join TS Morgan Bailey For The 2010 Tranny Awards!

Rumors have been circulating about who is going to be attending this Thursday’s T-Party at Blue Moon Nights, and this is one that you’ll definitely want to make! I’m pretty sure that it will be a packed house this Thursday with the 2010 Tranny Awards just around the corner and a who list of Shemale [...]

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Jan 25 2011

TS Morgan Bailey Pleasuring Herself At Her Hotel!

How would you like to be standing in this hotel room with TS Morgan Bailey stretched out in front of you ready to start pleasuring herself? Yeah, I didn’t think I was alone with that wish… Luckily, for those of us who can’t be fortunate enough to be in the same room as this sexy [...]

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Jan 18 2011

Getting Cerebral With Shemale Pornstar Morgan Bailey!

I am quite the Fan of chess and I’d like to think that I have a pretty decent handle on the game, but I don’t think any amount of concentration would be able to save me if Morgan Bailey was sitting across the table with her legs spread wide, showing off her hot cock! I [...]

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Dec 21 2010

TS Morgan Bailey Gets Some Ass On Her Official Site!

TS Morgan Bailey has been doing a lot of solo scenes on her site recently so it’s nice to see her back in the groove with some hardcore action. I’m not too sure how I would feel about someone biting down on my cock but you know, whatever floats your boat, right? I guess Morgan [...]

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Oct 19 2010

Come Get Some Wood From Shemale Superstar Morgan Bailey!

I’ve been concentrating so much on covering Morgan Bailey’s appearances for her DVD release parties that I fear I haven’t been giving her site enough coverage. Morgan Bailey has been doing some really excellent work recently on her site with some creative and beautiful sets. These pictures are from one of my favorite sets with [...]

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